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Pedestrian Routes

When parking in areas other than the Coleman Coliseum parking lot, please utilize the appropriate crosswalk, sidewalk or designated pedestrian pathway for a safe walk to Coleman Coliseum. See map for defined pedestrian routes and crosswalks. 

When parking north of Paul W. Bryant Drive, there are three crosswalks available to access Coleman Coliseum.  These crosswalks are along Paul W. Bryant Drive at the following intersections; 2nd Avenue, Coliseum Drive and Hackberry Lane. Please use one of these crosswalks to safely cross Paul W. Bryant Drive. 

If you cross Paul W. Bryant Drive at 2nd Avenue, there is a designated pedestrian pathway that will lead you safely to Coleman Coliseum. The new designated pedestrian pathway will lead to a sidewalk and designated crosswalk that will allow you to cross safely to Coleman Coliseum. There will be attendants present to assist you. 

If you park in the Soccer Lot, there is a sidewalk located near the center of this parking lot which leads to University Boulevard.  From here, use the sidewalk that leads towards campus to the designated crosswalk located at University Boulevard and 2nd Avenue.  After crossing University Boulevard, proceed straight ahead towards the Coliseum entrance. 

After crossing Paul W. Bryant Drive or Hackberry Lane, please use the appropriate sidewalk that will lead you to Coliseum Drive.  Please then follow the sidewalks that will lead you to the front of Coleman Coliseum.