Welcome to the 2014 Kickoff on the Quad! 

We anticipate this to be a great year when it comes to tailgating and enjoying the fun activities happening on the Quad during Gameday. 

Big Al rides on a scooter with UA cheerleaders in the background during Kickoff on the QuadCome experience Kickoff on the Quad, UA's "official tailgate party." Kickoff on the Quad begins three hours prior to scheduled kickoff.

Kickoff on the Quad festivities include a variety of food vendors, merchandise vendors and activities for the kids.


Tailgating is an important part of every football season, and in Tuscaloosa it’s especially important on the Quad. By following these guidelines, you will help to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. With your help, we will be able to preserve the natural beauty of the Quad for all future generations of Crimson faithful.

Remember, Friday is a regular academic day at the University of Alabama, and classes are still in session until 6:00pm.  Please refrain from taping off or setting up tailgate sites in areas off the Quad until Friday.  Stakes may damage the irrigations systems, and tape and rope may damage the trees, bushes, and plant material.  These items will be removed by Gameday officials before Friday.


Please note:  Any UA group that wants to have a planned tailgating or Gameday event that requires  a tent larger than 10’ x 10’ or a secured space must fill out a UA Grounds Use Permit http://www.uafacilities.ua.edu/grounds/pages/grounds-use-permit.htm.

Requests for Grounds Use Permits are required for all “outside – green-space” events.  Coordination of these events requires a 10 day notice for approval.  We will do our best to accommodate the area requested, but at times we will need to offer alternative locations due to pre-approved events or use of the requested spot, or safety/operational needs.  A University Departmental FOPAL must be furnished on each request form. 

No tents larger than 20’ x 30’ will be allowed on the Quad. 

No corporate signage will be allowed to be displayed outside tents.

The East side of the Quad is now open to public tailgating.  Please take advantage of this space and the close proximity to the various food vendors & kids area along 6th Ave.  In addition to the new tailgating area, there will be an enhanced power supply provided on the East side of the Quad to support the additional fans. 


Electricity on The Quad

In addition to the new tailgating area, there will be an enhanced power supply provided on the East side of the Quad to support the additional fans.  We have also added additional power on the Northwest side of the Quad.  As such, it should relieve some of the strain put on the electrical power supplied through the light poles on the northern half of the Quad near Gorgas library.  However, the rules still remain for proper usage of the power on the light poles. 

During inclement weather, it may become necessary to disrupt electrical service to the Quad and other tailgating areas.  UA officials will disseminate this announcement via all communication channels available at the time of disruption.  UA will restore power as soon as it can be determined that potential electrical hazards caused by the weather have been minimized.

      • You may hook-up a power strip, to prevent dam­age from possible surges, but only one thing may be plugged into it.
      • The use of multiple power strips or multiple plugs on a single outlet is prohibited as it will put a strain on the power supply from that pole resulting in a breaker trip.
      • Only two hook-ups per outlet is allowed.
      • Secure electrical cords crossing sidewalks to avoid a tripping hazard.
      • Please remove all tape used to secure the electrical cords to the sidewalk when you leave The Quad.
      • Power will be cut off at 1.5 hours after the conclusion of each game.


No portable generators will be allowed on the Quad.  Those found in violation will be asked to leave the Quad.


Open Flames/Fires

  • Cooking is limited to grills only.
  • Grills should be set up away from, or protected from, pedestrian traffic and flammable materials.
  • Grills must be monitored at all times.
  • Extinguish all flames before leaving your area.
  • Do not dump charcoal on The Quad.  Charcoal Dump Stations are available on the west side of the Quad.  See map for more details.
  • Do not dump cooking oil on The Quad

Grills or fire pits are not allowed within 50 feet of campus buildings or under tents.   All fires must be contained within grills or other containers designed specifically for that purpose. Extinguish fires thoroughly with water before leaving them unattended. Place extinguished charcoal in designated containers or remove it from campus for disposal. Do not dump charcoal on the ground or in dumpsters. Grilling/fire pits are not allowed in the parking decks.

Tailgate locations with grills or fire pits must have a 2.5 pound all-purpose fire extinguisher within 15 feet of the fire.  At least one person in attendance must be trained in use of the fire extinguisher. 


Tailgating with Trailers

No vehicles or trailers will be allowed on the grass at the Quad or any building that faces the Quad, Gorgas House, Moore, Little, Foster, Russell, Gallalee, Wilson or Farrah Halls.   This is to protect the turf and irrigation.

  • In order to preserve The Quad for future generations, vehicles are not allowed on The Quad. Trailers with tailgating supplies can be pulled by hand onto The Quad for temporary unloading purposes. Trailers must be removed in a timely manner, not to exceed 30 minutes. Also, trailers must fit and remain on a sidewalk while unloading and cleaning up at your tailgating spot. Trailers with TVs may remain on the Quad if they meet the specifications below.

Click here to see the specific trailer specifications allowed

These specifications have been made in an effort to protect the turf, irrigation systems and remain consistent regarding size of trailers.  We are also making every effort to conserve limited space so that we can offer tailgating space to the growing number of fans who request this popular venue annually.


No tailgating is allowed in this area.  This area is reserved for Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences events only.


Reserved Tailgate Spaces on the Quad

By reserving a reserved tailgate space, you will have the same reserved space for all seven home games and electricity for your space.  Most spaces have enough room for at least three 10x10 tents.  The University of Alabama has contracted with Gameday Tents (www.gamedaytents.com) to handle all reserved tailgating on the Quad.


Reserved Tailgate Spaces at Presidential Park

Presidential Park is a reserved tailgating area on campus, located only 400 yards from Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Tailgate packages can be reserved thru Gameday Tents for the season or individual games. Click here for more information!


Please note:

Kickoff on the Quad is an event designed for Tide fans to celebrate the tradition of Crimson Tide football. 

  • The conduct of other commercial activities, such as commercial solicitation, business events, marketing promotions, etc., is not permitted on the Quad (or elsewhere on campus) in areas that have been designated for tailgating.

  • Any not-for-profit solicitation like charitable organizations is also not permitted on the Quad (or elsewhere on campus) areas that have been designated for tailgating.

  • Fans desiring to engage in commercial activities on University property should contact the UA Gameday staff at (205) 262-2811.